My Favorite Craft Tools To Save You Trouble From the Struggle

I’ve been in the online journaling/crafting space since 2017 but I have only been a real contributor since 2020. All that to say, it has taken me a few years to figure out what tools I love to use in my crafty space – and it’s OK if it takes you time to figure out your favorite crafty tools too. Here is a list of some of my favorite craft tools that I wish I knew about in the beginning! I hope this helps you on your crafty journey and saves you time and effort struggling with tools that just don’t work!

  1. Tim Holtz serrated Scissors – These 9.5 inch scissors are a paper crafter’s dream! They are long enough to cut card sized squares in one snip and because they are serrated, they hold on to paper for a more accurate cut. Not to mention the sound of the snip is so satisfying! I love these so much I bought two. One for my craft room and one for work projects.
  2. Xyron Sticker Maker – If you find yourself regularly collaging, you’ve probably wished that one of your random paper pieces was a full sticker. This little machine helps you achieve that! It comes in a variety of sizes. I have the 1.5 inch sticker maker and the 3 inch sticker maker. What I love about this machine is that it is refillable. I bought mine 2 years ago and between using the both of them, haven’t needed to refill either yet!
  3. Xyron Mega Runner – I use to use Tombow tape runners, but they’ve failed me. I loved how compact and portable they were, but each time I used one, the tape would stick onto itself as it rolled out, and eventually the tape became so gummed up it was unusable. Because I loved the Xyron sticker maker so much, I looked to see if they created a tape runner – and they do! It’s certainly not as portable as the Tombow tape runners, but it’s refillable and reliable!
  4. Friskar 12″ Paper Trimmer – I don’t do a whole ton of paper trimming and have foolishly invested in too many cheaper trimmers in an effort to “save money” before I finally decided to buy a quality trimmer. This Friskars is the best. It meets all of my needs. It cuts 12X12 sheets, has replaceable blades, and has a very nifty thin metal wire guide to ensure your cut line will be straight every time. It is also incredibly light and portable for being able to handle 12X12 sheets.
  5. Illustrated Faith stamp block – I am an acrylic stamp enthusiast and having a proper stamp block is critical for my projects. I love this one because the guide lines help me line up all my favorite alpha stamps to create straight words, and the block does not have rounded corners. Not sure why this affects my craft project, but I’ve used other blocks with rounded corners and I’m just not able to get into the crevices of my journals in the same way I can with this straight edged block.

Thanks so much for reading about my favorite tools! If you want to see more of my journaling and paper craft creations, come hang out with me on YouTube here! See you next time Friends.

– Keeshia Pie


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