Junk Journal Inspiration

I started getting into the online journaling community around 2015 and have spent the last 6 years honing in on my style and my favorite journaling products to use. I am a bit shocked at how long it’s been doing this hobby, and my craft room reflects all the exploration during that time (aka I have a whole lot of supplies to get through or destash!)

Lately, I haven’t been as inspired by creators online and I’m truly not sure why. I want to get back to those days where I was so excited to open my journal, or view a new video from my favorite creator. Some of my favorite creators just don’t create as much content before because they are ordinary people with families and lives to live. I don’t blame them! Content creation is a full time job, and not necessarily a lucrative one.

Part of my goal with this blog is to be that fire and inspiration for someone out there, just like me, looking for a relatable ordinary role model to follow and be influenced by in their down time.

To begin that journey, I wanted to give tribute to some of my favorite creators! You may notice their influences in some of my own work. This list is always changing, but the top three are my core influences. I hope you find them as charming and inspiring as I do.

1. Ali Brown – Love her floral and watercolor paintings

2. James Luke Burke – Really enjoy his whimsical style

3. Illustrated Faith – Great resource for Bible journaling and digital media

5. Spellbound Notes – Love her style and well organized thoughts

6. A Peach Life – Such a fun and lighthearted style with all things Disney!

7. CHACHA Note – Love the vintage esthetic and all the effort put into her spreads


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About Me

Keeshia has spent most of her professional career in the software as a service industry, learning ways to streamline and automate work. She has an affinity for record-keeping and, as a hobby, creatively documents life through journaling. She hopes to encourage the next generation through her publications to choose truth, life, and liberty.

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